Meet the Band!
Rough Around the Edges Band is an acoustic group that plays contemporary and traditional music, including alternative and folk songs, as well as original compositions.  Fred Louderman and Mike Smoucha have played string instruments together for nearly three decades, and in the summer of 2009, founded Rough Around The Edges Band along with Sally Conley on vocals and Patricia Louderman, band manager.

BFred Louderman, guitarist and vocalist, grew up listening to swing music.  Since the age of eight when he received his first guitar, Fred has appreciated the benefits of playing and sharing music with others.  Fred previously performed around the Chicago-land area in an acoustic duet, McNichols & Louderman.  He enjoys performing a variety of music, both instrumental and vocal, including some of his own original songs.  By trade, Fred has worked with familes and children throughout his career as a School Social Worker and Special Education administrator.

Michael Smoucha, guitarist and vocalist, began playing guitar as a teenager and developed a deep love for acoustic music.  He has been playing acoustic guitar using a flat-picking style for over thirty years. Influenced throughout his life by an eclectic mix of music ranging from classical to electronic to rock to traditional folk songs, Michael has endeavored to expand his musical range by experimenting with the mandolin, ukulele and bass guitar.  He sings and plays a variety of instruments when performing with Rough Around The Edges.  Michael has a day job as an artist in a stained glass and architectural arts studio and has worked on many historical projects nationwide including conservation/restoration of Chicago's Tiffany stained glass domes in both the Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago Cultural Center.

Sally Conley, vocalist, decided it was time to pursue her own vocal interests after years of supporting her two children through musical training.  A mechanical draftsman by trade, she draws using AutoCAD and Revit programs for the contract Foodservice Industry.  Sally has a soft spot in her heart for the oral tradition of passing down music from one generation to another and has entertained her own family with several of the songs she performs.

 Patricia Louderman, Booking Coordinator